Our mission is to simplify vehicle ownership for the global diplomatic & international development community.

About this website

This website is designed to provide you with the most important basic information about CAS Auto Diplomatic &International Development and the vehicles and services we offer.  In order to better serve you, we have a section dedicated to explaining services we offer to qualified individuals who wish to purchase vehicles for private use (Solutions for Diplomats), and another section dedicated to international organizations (Fleet Solutions).  Additionally, you will find general information pages for each brand, featuring available models and drop-down menus showing all available model and powertrain combinations divided by market (US or export). You can also find information regarding CAS Auto in the paragraph below (“About Us”), and throughout the website, you will see contact information at the top of each page.  If you prefer to be contacted by us, you will have numerous opportunities to provide us with your contact information, as well as your preferred contact method and times. We respect your privacy as well as your busy schedule.   

About Us

We are a private automotive business based in Florida, founded and run by a family that fled oppression in Syria to settle in the United States over thirty years ago. We strongly share your commitment to help building a world where all people – regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs – are able to live together in peace and prosperity, with the opportunity to thrive, to express themselves freely, and to pursue their dreams.

We Proudly Serve The Diplomatic Community

From compact pickups to full-size luxury SUVs, we have the vehicle solution that will best suit your needs. Whether an Ambassador or a relief worker in the field, whether you represent the United Nations or a small school, all of our customers are doing the necessary work to promote peace and prosperity.  We will do everything we can to support your vehicle needs, from the day it’s purchased until the day you trade it in – we are committed to excellent customer service and outstanding quality.

NGOs & International Development

CAS Auto Diplomatic & International Development is the official distributor for Stellantis brands to the Diplomatic and International Development community and we are equally committed to helping make the world a better and safer place by addressing your specific and unique transportation needs.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

All vehicles come with a factory warranty honored at any official Stellantis distributor.


We are the only distributor that accepts vehicle trade-ins, regardless of location & specs.

Custom Specifications

Your vehicle will be specifically adapted to your market needs and conditions.

Vehicle Buy-Back

We are the only distributor that offers buy-back of your new vehicle.

Team of Experts

Our team of sales executives will guide you through the entire sales process.

Fair Prices

Our duty-free pricing offers favorable conditions for all qualified buyers.

Global Network

We work directly with the Stellantis dealership network to facilitate the delivery of your vehicle.


Our logistics team is capable of arranging sea or air transportation to any destination in the world.

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