How it works

Wagoneer Interior

How It Works

Whether you represent an organization working in international development, or you need a vehicle for yourself, our objective is to make the purchasing process as simple as possible. When you click on “get started” at the bottom of this page, you will be able to select the brand of vehicle you prefer, and will be asked to go through the following basic steps.

  1. Country specifications
    In order to make sure that you order the right vehicle to meet your needs and avoid technical incompatibilities between the vehicle you order and the country in which you will be driving it, you will be asked to indicate the country or countries where you expect to be using your vehicle most.
  2. Choose the make and model
    Based on whether your preference is for a US-specification vehicle or one that is built for export markets, you will be able to select your preferred model and powertrain combination in the drop-down menu according to availability.  Export specifications often include RHD models, as well as powertrain combinations that are not offered in the United States.
  3. Let us know your preferred method of communication
    We have designed our website to provide you with as much information as possible.  However, due to the complexity of the international product offering, ultimately we will have to engage in a conversation in order for you to have a complete understanding of which vehicle will work best for you and the budget you will need to plan for it. You can contact us during our office hours, or you can let us know how best to contact you. In order to be contacted, you will be asked to indicate your preferred method of communication and, if through a live conversation, the best times to reach you.
  4. Confirm your status
    CAS Auto Diplomatic & International Development offers special purchasing conditions and privileges that are designed exclusively for individuals and organizations that qualify.  Prior to pursuing detailed discussions, you will be asked to indicate your understanding that you will need to provide documentary proof of your or your organization’s privileged status prior to finalizing your purchase.