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Chrysler Voyager

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Chrysler has been credited with inventing the Minivan, with the launch of the original Voyager for the 1984 model year.  Prior to that, small passenger vans were commercial vehicles adapted to passenger use and didn’t offer the level of sophistication most people expected for a vehicle they needed to depend on to transport their family and friends.  The first Voyager offered the handling, fuel consumption and performance characteristics of a modern passenger car, with more room than a station wagon, the convenience of the sliding rear passenger door and walk-through interior, and the safety of the high seating position.

Today, the Chrysler Voyager is leading a sales surge for minivans as people are drawn to its sleek styling as much as its unbeatable practicality. And it still offers class-leading safety, performance, comfort and handling – a perfect vehicle to accompany you and your family on your international mission.

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