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RAM 700

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Product Description

Ram pickups are best known in their full-sized configurations, and with tens of thousands being sold every month in the United States alone, it isn’t surprising the Ram 1500 instantly comes to mind when thinking of Ram trucks. But a full-sized pickup isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone, even if what you need is a sturdy pickup with plenty of load-carrying capacity.

The new Ram 700 is a fraction of the size of the 1500, but is built with the same commitment to long-lasting reliable service.  With a load capacity – depending on model – ranging from 620 to 720 kgs, a heavy-duty engine cooling system and reinforced suspension, the Ram 700 is your ideal companion in the harshest environments.  Built to be robust, the Ram 700 is one of the most economical vehicles in our entire lineup, with exceptional pricing starting at less than $10,000, and superb fuel consumption thanks to its standard 1.4L four-cylinder engine (runs on regular gasoline and comes standard with a fuel system that guards against contaminants).

For all its qualities as a pickup, you probably will love it for its sporty off-road appearance, its modern, practical and comfortable interior and for being incredibly fun to drive.


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